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Karman Pamurahardjo, President Director

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Indonesian citizen, Karman Pamurahardjo was born in Jakarta. He received Bachelor of Engineering in Electrical - Electronics from Auckland University, New Zealand in 1990, and MBA in Finance from University of Technology, Sydney, Australia in 1995.

Started his career at Sony Electronics as Group Head Engineer (1990-1993), then as Research Analyst at PT Harita Kencana Securities where he left as Director of Corporate Finance - Investment Banking (1996 - 2004) before moving to become Executive Director, Head of Corporate Finance at PT Deloitte Konsultan Indonesia, member of Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu (2004 - 2008).

Karman Pamurahardjo served as CFO & Operation Director at PT Trimegah Securities Tbk (2008 – 2011), Director of Trimegah Asset Management (2008 – 2011), Director of Investment Banking dan Debt Capital Market (2011 – 2013). He was Chairman of Department of Derivative Online Trading at Association of Indonesian Securities Companies (2009 – 2012).  He served as President Director of PT Profindo Asia Investama (2013 – 2014) before becoming the President Director of PT Profindo Sekuritas Indonesia. An CFA Charter-holder since 2001.

He is currently serving as Board of Commissioner of Indonesian Stock Exchange (IDX), also the Chairman of Association of Indonesian Securities Companies (2017 – current), as Board of Supervisor of Indonesia Capital Market Certification Foundation (Yayasan Lembaga Sertifikasi Pasar Modal Indonesia - LSPPMI), and served in several Committee members in Indonesian Central Securities Depository.