Broadly speaking, Proclick provides 3 features , which are market information , transactions and analysis . The market information feature is presented in realtime , without any delay . Thus, every proclick user can monitor the stock market exactly like what happened in the Indonesian stock exchange . Furthermore, Proclick provides a specific tool to analyse the profile of market participants, transacting on current or previous time . The term that is also known asbandarmologi analysis in the market.

Transactions feature in Proclick is designed to make it simple for all Proclick users in bothtransaction and monitoring the position of assets ( stock and cash ) in their account. Customers are also given the facility to enter and advance orders, that can be sent to IDX whenever theywanted . This feature is useful for our valuable  ​​customers that only have time to analyze the market outside the market trading hours (before and after office hour).

Analysis feature on Proclick application is designed to assist customers in finding stocks that qualify as long-term investment or short-term trading (Technical and Fundamental Analysis).