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Income Statement

Sales / Revenue / Revenue / Sales
Revenues are also referred to as a sale or sales or revenue is the company’s main source of income derived from the sale of goods or services .

Cost of Good Sold / COGS / Cost of Production
In manufacturing companies , all costs incurred to make a product that is ready for sale are recorded as COGS . Starting from the purchase of raw materials , labor and overhead involved directly in the manufacturing process . Overhead costs such as rent , electricity , depreciation , supplies , maintenance and repair or payroll supervisor .

Gross Profit / Gross Profit
Gross profit is the difference between Sales and Cost of Good Sold . The higher the gross profit of the company , the more efficient the company’s production costs .

Operating Expenses / Operating Costs
There are two parts Operating Expenses , Depreciation and Amortization and General Expenses , Sales and Administration . General Expenses , Sales and Administration are not excluding COGS expenses such as salaries and executive bonuses , salaries and marketing commissions , salaries of administrative employees , advertising and promotion , travel and entertainment , other office expenses .

Operating profit / Operating Income
Operating profit or operating income is useful to know whether the company actually profits derived from its core business .

Other Income / Expenses
Income or other expenses typically derived from dividends and interest

Income Tax / Income Tax
Income taxes are regulated by Law No. . 36 Year 2008 on Income Tax . This is a change from the previous progressive tax rates to a single rate of 25% .

Net Profit / Net Profit
The remaining profit for shareholders .